In the heart of Old Town Helotes, nestled among native oak trees, lies a hidden gem for wine
connoisseurs and novices alike: Helotes Creek Winery. A local winery and wine bar renowned
for its unpretentious charm and wide selection of wines, it’s the perfect place to unwind and
indulge your palate.
Located at 14391-2, Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023, this boutique winery is a small, yet
inviting establishment that boasts a lineup of at least 35 different types of wines. Each one
meticulously crafted on the premises, these wines range from robust, dry varieties to sweet,
fruity options, catering to a broad spectrum of wine lovers.

Koala Logo?
Our Reason Why...

Koala Logo? The reason behind our choice of Logo is extremely dear to our hearts.

Our Story:
We have been satisfied customers and wine drinkers of Helotes Creek Winery since 2017.
When Colleen announced her intent to retire from the wine business, we seriously considered the
interest we had, and the reasons why we would want to continue the legacy of Helotes Creek Winery.
Our passion for wine, and the wine-making process is a definite joy. However, more importantly, we
thought about our son, and the impact Helotes Creek Winery would have on his life.
Dawson Liam Stallcup, is 7 years old. He is the joy of our life and is a blessing to all who know him.
Dawson has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, known as Lissencephaly. This disease is
multifactorial, and has chronic lifelong medical challenges, such as seizures, eating and swallowing
difficulties, respiratory problems, muscle weakness, communication and mobility challenges, as well as a
limited immune response to illness. With this, comes daily treatments, therapies, medications, and
weekly doctor visits. To say that Dawson is busy, is an understatement. He has a full calendar.
The love, joy and happiness that Dawson knows and reciprocates fills our hearts. The prognosis of
Lissencephaly has a 2-to-10-year mortality. Our prayer, hope, and goal for Dawson is to exceed and
excel beyond any medical prognosis.
One of the characteristics of Lissencephaly is a smooth brain. Guess what? Koalas have a smooth brain
as well. The Koala is a symbol that we will use on our labels and everything Helotes Creek Winery, to
honor Dawson.
Dawson’s condition is not curable, and the costs of his care is tremendous, but totally worth it. Our wish
is for the success of Helotes Creek Winery to provide the financial means for Dawson’s care after we are
Please join us as we celebrate wine, life, joy, happiness, koalas, and Dawson, by enjoying the variety of
tasteful wines we make here at Helotes Creek Winery.

David and Melissa Stallcup


What sets Helotes Creek Winery apart is not just its impressive wine selection, but also its
welcoming atmosphere. It’s known as a friendly and comfortable place to visit. The winery
features a generous public area, filled with picnic tables set under the shade of local oak trees.
Here, visitors are encouraged to sit back, relax, and savor their wine at leisure, making it a
fantastic destination if you’re searching for a “wine bar nearby.”

We provide more than just wine

– we offer an experience

From our hand-selected local wines to our warm, inviting atmosphere, we're not just the best wine bar near you – we're a destination.

Key Features:
1. “Immersive Wine Tasting Events: Dive into the world of wines through our curated tasting
2. “Exceptional Local Wines: We source and craft the finest wines from the local vineyards of
Helotes, Texas.”
3. “Vibrant Wine Bar: Our wine bar offers a relaxing environment to unwind and enjoy our
selection of local wines.”
4. “Personalized Service: Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide your wine
selection and enhance your experience.


For those new to wine tasting, Helotes Creek Winery offers an engaging and educational
experience. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through the different types of wines,
helping you discover your preferences. For seasoned wine enthusiasts, the wide variety of both dry and sweet wines provides an opportunity to sample new and exciting flavors, solidifying Helotes Creek Winery as one of the best wine bars in the area. 

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Helotes Creek Winery
14391-2 Old Bandera Road 
Helotes, TX

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